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Control in LS11

Gas → W Brake, Reverse → S Right → D Left → A Map, Weather, Statistics → I Input / Output from the vehicle → E, S Change camera → C Insertion machine / trailer → Q Light → F Cruise Control → 1,2,3 Assistant → H Using machines → X, V, B, G, Tur Top → J and K Tur Down → NM Shop → P Cross → Shift + W Reconnecting → Scroll Up Dismissal → Scroll Down Lightning change vehicle → TAB Farming simulator 2013 mods Farming simulator 2011 mods Farming simulator 2009 mods

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Farming Simulator 2011

The latest version of the best-selling "Farming Simulator" contains plenty of new features and improvements: Now it's possible to breed cattle completing a variety of tasks such as feeding the cows or spreading the dung and liquid manure on the fields. By selling the produced milk to the local dairy you earn additional money for your farm. Another big improvement is the multiplayer mode by which you can manage your farm together with friends over the Internet or local network. In the improved career mode you take on the role of a young farmer and experience the workaday life in the countryside in a completely adapted and freely accessible farmer's world. Through several activities such as plowing fields, seeding and baling you build up financial resources allowing you to buy better equipment. Visit the local agricultural machinery store to buy new vehicles and equipment or to sell your old machines. Choose from many elaborate tractors, combine harvesters and a lot of machines such as plows, seeders, balers and a self-loading wagon. Thanks to the licensing of machinery from leading manufacturers like DEUTZ-FAHR, KRONE, HORSCH, PÖTTINGER and VOGEL & NOOT you are able to control authentic farming equipment. And if this variety of machinery still does not meet your needs, you can download plenty of vehicles, equipment and other modifications from the Internet. Because of the improved mod system you are able to install the new content easily and automatically. Farming simulator 2013 mods Farming simulator 2011 mods Farming simulator 2009 mods Features

  • Career mode with business section and cattle breeding
  • Multiplayer mode for playing together with friends over Internet/LAN
  • Large new vehicle fleet with authentic agricultural machines by DEUTZ-FAHR, KRONE, HORSCH, PÖTTINGER and VOGEL & NOOT
  • Lots of sophisticated equipment
  • Computer controlled helpers
  • Download of additional machines and maps with automatic mod installation, includes Mod SDK (contains Editor, Exporters and Sample Mods)
  • Gamepad and steering wheel support
System Requirements Windows Version (*)
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • 2.0 GHz Intel or equivalent AMD processor (**)
  • Nvidia Geforce 6800 Series, ATI Radeon X850, S3 Chrome 430 GT or better (min 256 MB VRAM)
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1 GB free hard drive space
  • Soundcard
System Requirements Mac Version (*)
  • Mac OS X 10.5.8, 10.6.1
  • 1.83 GHz cpu or better
  • Nvidia Geforce 8600, ATI Radeon X1600 or better (min 256 MB VRAM)
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1 GB free hard drive space
  • DVD-ROM Drive
(*) General information: These system requirements can't cover all possible system configurations so it could occur problems that avoid or influence the functionality in some cases.

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Start the engine and set off for German autobahns in German Truck Simulator!
Drive across a realistic depiction of Germany, visit its beautiful cities, choose from over sixty kinds of cargo, and deliver them on time! Grow your truck fleet and hire the most experienced drivers to build up your business!
Developed by the makers of best-selling simulations in the 18 Wheels of Steel series and authors of Euro Truck Simulator.

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Euro Truck Simulator

Euro Truck Simulator is a European first - A truck simulation game in a European setting, with European long haulage trucks! Drive cargos from Rome to Berlin to Madrid to Prague - and many more cities - in realistic vehicles. Euro Truck Simulator is a faithful reproduction of driving trucks on the European road.
Drive across a realistic depiction of Europe, visit its beautiful cities, pick up a variety of cargos, and deliver them on time!
The road network in Euro Truck Simulator is based on genuine European roads, and cities in the game bring the essence of their real-world counterparts to the game.
As the game is set in Europe, European truck-designs feature exclusively - all trucks use highly realistic, meticulously detailed models based on real trucks. The truck interiors of Euro Truck Simulator are as equally impressive as the exteriors. With actual working instruments such as flashing indicators, temperature and low fuel warning lights, wipers, and naturally - a full set of gauges including speedometer - all built into the interior 3D model, Euro Truck Simulator offers a truly immersive simulation environment. The player can pan around the cabin, just as if they were actually sitting at the wheel.

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How To Install Mods

When you download a mod file it will usually come in one of three file types.
1. EXE – These are the easiest to install. Once the file has downloaded just double click on it and when it runs it will install itself, done, run the game and test it. 2. RAR – These are compressed files, these can contain any files or folders which have been compressed to make downloading quicker. When the download finishes you need to extract all the files within the rar file. You will usually end up with either exe files or zip files. RAR files are also used for the map downloads and will usually require extracting to your data folder. 3. ZIP – These too are compressed files. Check to see what files are contained within them. If there are zip or exe files then these will need to be extracted and exe files run. If a zip file contains the mod itself then the zip file needs to be copied into the mods folder of the game. XP: User\My Games\FarmingSimulator2011\Mods Vista: Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2011\Mods. Don’t forget that if you have the German version the folder names will be slightly different. Windows XP and later will open zip files but you will need Winrar or a similar program to open rar files. These programs will also work with zip files. Farming simulator 2011 mods

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Agro Simulator 2011 trailer

Information: Agro Simulator 2011 trailer -Giants in 2014 after signing an agreement to develop agro-simulator exclusively for astragon -In addition to the review of the graphics and physics engine in particular the implementation of this area are the animals on the farm, as well as multiplayer game play in the foreground -The latter will enable you to communicate with the classic games online on another server, and to jointly manage the farm. These are also the acquisition, breeding and care of animals and sale of products related to agriculture will be one. -Release of agriculture is another simulator on the second Half of 2010, the The user’s wishes: - In 2011 LS Multiplayer available - Calendar - Livestock feed – available in LS 2011 - New Fruit growing - More brands - Residents are on the move - Other farmers in the map where you can help. - Areas can buy or rent. - Tire Tracks - Damage to Vehicle - Dynamic Soil - Vehicles and equipment can be rented from the dealer - Autopilot - Other farmers in the single-player mode, which can help / you can ask for help. - People with a 3D view - Naturkatsatrophen - Police & Fire - Improving the engine (not so sensitive poly) - Support for multiple processor cores - Grubbing and gather potatoes can – begin the career mode: The first performers and acts more on the way to purchase their own farms / performers. - Vice eg Mercedes or truck MAN (wheat, maize, etc) + Trailer coupling - Trailer of the land - Hoftrac with Weidemann or comb Towbar - Contracts with the road maintenance such as mowing road - Abfahrhelfer - Villagers hired as laborers - Larger map - Veterinarian / pets can get sick - Silo cover to cover and you can cut with one silo unloader, and then bring in a stable - 4 seasons Farming simulator 2013 mods Farming simulator 2011 mods Farming simulator 2009 mods

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