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Agro Simulator 2011 trailer

Information: Agro Simulator 2011 trailer -Giants in 2014 after signing an agreement to develop agro-simulator exclusively for astragon -In addition to the review of the graphics and physics engine in particular the implementation of this area are the animals on the farm, as well as multiplayer game play in the foreground -The latter will enable you to communicate with the classic games online on another server, and to jointly manage the farm. These are also the acquisition, breeding and care of animals and sale of products related to agriculture will be one. -Release of agriculture is another simulator on the second Half of 2010, the The user’s wishes: - In 2011 LS Multiplayer available - Calendar - Livestock feed – available in LS 2011 - New Fruit growing - More brands - Residents are on the move - Other farmers in the map where you can help. - Areas can buy or rent. - Tire Tracks - Damage to Vehicle - Dynamic Soil - Vehicles and equipment can be rented from the dealer - Autopilot - Other farmers in the single-player mode, which can help / you can ask for help. - People with a 3D view - Naturkatsatrophen - Police & Fire - Improving the engine (not so sensitive poly) - Support for multiple processor cores - Grubbing and gather potatoes can – begin the career mode: The first performers and acts more on the way to purchase their own farms / performers. - Vice eg Mercedes or truck MAN (wheat, maize, etc) + Trailer coupling - Trailer of the land - Hoftrac with Weidemann or comb Towbar - Contracts with the road maintenance such as mowing road - Abfahrhelfer - Villagers hired as laborers - Larger map - Veterinarian / pets can get sick - Silo cover to cover and you can cut with one silo unloader, and then bring in a stable - 4 seasons Farming simulator 2013 mods Farming simulator 2011 mods Farming simulator 2009 mods

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