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Money cheat for LS 2009 and 2011

STEP 1 Go to User/documents/MyGame/FarmingSimulator2011/YOUR SAVE STEP 2 and finde CAREERA SAVEGAME.xml (Open it whith notepad) STEP 3 When open finde this line foundBottleCount=\”1\” STEP 4 now change that \”1\” to how much money you whant let set it to foundBottleCount=\”1 000 000\” (PS:remove space) STEP 5 Save it and exit STEP 6 go to game go to SHOP and you have there bottles recycling STEP 7 now just neadt to gat closer to it and you have your 1 000 000 that easy NO DL NOW NOTHING JUST 2 MINUTES to get this done i have do it in Win 7 but it is same in vista and xp you just nead to finde your save games that is all (Sory for bad eng and sory for using this pic but i think it is for this bast) I hope this have help you. Farming simulator 2013 mods Farming simulator 2011 mods Farming simulator 2009 mods

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